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Tadley & District Citizens Advice Bureau is a local independent charity serving the community in and around Tadley for over 26 years.

Our Principles are:
* Independent - We will always act in the interests of our clients, without influence from any outside bodies.
* Free - No one has to pay for any part of the advice we provide.
* Confidential - We won’t pass on anything a client tells us — or even the fact they have visited us, without their permission.
* Impartial - We don’t judge our clients or make assumptions about them. Our service is open to everyone and we treat everyone equally.


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  • Benefits - Unemployment, rent and council tax, sickness and disability, tax credits, pensions.

  • Debt - Bankruptcy, IVA, debt management, mortgage and rent arrears, bailiffs.

  • Employment - Dismissal, redundancy, unpaid wages, contract changes, maternity.

  • Housing - Eviction, deposits, repairs, finding accommodation, neighbour problems.

  • Relationships & Family - Divorce, separation, mediation, child maintenance, bereavement.

  • Other problems - Consumer, discrimination, education, health, immigration, tax, travel.




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